What is C.O.D. Oil Delivery?

Are you trying to figure out the best way to save money on your heating oil and control your energy costs? If so, you’ve probably seen reference to your two most common options for oil delivery: automatic, and COD. Today, The Oil Peddler will explain what COD oil delivery is, why you might opt for it, and how you can proceed if you decide COD oil delivery is best for your needs. Continue reading to learn more about COD oil delivery on Cape Cod:

Everything You Need to Know About C.O.D. Oil Delivery on Cape Cod:

What is C.O.D. Oil Delivery?

C.O.D. oil delivery, COD heating oil, Will-Call oil delivery, or COD fuel refers to “cash on delivery” shipments of heating oil. To put it simply, this means ordering oil at a fixed price for a fixed amount of oil which is delivered immediately and paid for at that time. These oil deliveries are made on a one-time, or will-call basis. This means that you contact your local oil supplier, such as Oil Peddler, for your oil deliveries whenever you need them. This stands in contrast to automatic oil delivery, where you agree to terms for delivery in advance. Then pay for that oil on a recurring basis, so you never have to worry about running out of oil. Your oil provider will automatically come out and refill your tank based on a typical usage schedule.

You can think of COD oil delivery as being more like filling up a tank of gas at the pump, where you see the current price and commit to filling up your tank at that cost, and then need to do the same again when your tank runs low. Automatic oil delivery works more like your standard utility bill, where you pay whatever the price has fluctuated to for your fuel as you need it, without the opportunity to shop around and find a better price. With cash oil delivery, you are in control of when you order your oil. And, also which Cape Cod oil dealer that you get the deliveries from.

Top Benefits of Choosing COD Oil Delivery

At a glance, you might think cash on delivery oil purchases offer less convenience without a good trade off. But, if you’re the type of person who can plan ahead you can see major benefits to your annual heating costs through COD. These benefits include:

  • You’re in Control with COD Oil Deliveries

The important thing to consider about COD oil delivery is that you can buy while oil prices are low, and only while oil is low, as long as you think carefully about how much oil you need and how long it will last. If you have automatic delivery, you’ll pay whatever the price of the moment turns out to be, even if it’s in the dead of the coldest winter on record and prices are through the roof. With cash oil delivery, customers can carefully schedule the cadence of deliveries based on their own budget preferences. They would rather schedule it themselves, so they are better in control of what they are spending and when they are spending it.

In addition, if you’re the type of person who likes to monitor your oil tank levels by checking your tank’s gauge, the COD oil delivery method could be better for you. If you’re always on top of the oil tank levels, you can keep track.  Then contact your preferred oil company on Cape Cod when your tank reaches ¼ of a tank or earlier. You can schedule your deliveries on your own timeline based on convenience.

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  • You Can Shop Around for Low Oil Prices with COD Fuel Oil

COD allows and encourages you to be more mindful of when you’re purchasing oil and how much you’re spending on it. You’ll see the price of your tank refill before you commit to it. You can shop around for low cash oil prices on Cape Cod, MA to find the best price for you at that time. If you’re not happy with the prices or service you received from a previous heating oil supplier, you can look around for another one the next time. Cape Cod, MA COD oil customers can buy in bulk when prices are low and use it when they are high. You can also pay the amount that you can afford at that time. Most discount heating oil suppliers have minimum order requirements though, so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

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  • You Don’t Need Any Extras

Another benefit of using a C.O.D. fuel oil company is if you’re not looking for extra benefits of full-service companies. For example, a lot of automatic delivery contracts include some kind of HVAC or heating service contracts. If you don’t want this extra added benefit, you can opt for the cheaper oil delivery option with COD oil. Most of the time, cash oil deliveries only provide the oil, not the heating services. Therefore, you will need to schedule heating system repairs and maintenance separately. Many homeowners see this as a better option. They can choose when they need HVAC services and pay for them when they actually need them. Without these added benefits, you can save because you’re only getting the fuel oil. Every customer has different needs. If you don’t need a heating service package to go with oil deliveries, cash deliveries could be right for you.

  • You’ll Get the Same Quality Heating Oil as A Full-Service Provider

COD oil suppliers cannot afford to compromise on fuel oil quality despite their lower rates. The quality of the heating oil, trucks, drivers’ licenses, and insurance coverage are similar to full-service heating oil suppliers. This is because all cash oil suppliers must comply with oil stringent industry standards, and violations attract severe consequences. This all leads us to say that customers should not fret over the decision to engage discount COD oil services. COD oil companies will need to comply with state, federal, and industry regulations just like their automatic oil company counterparts.

  • Discount Fuel Oil Suppliers Often Have Relationships with Heating Service Providers

It is important to keep in mind though, that with automatic heating oil service, you are guaranteed emergency service, whereas if you are a will-call oil customer, that is not necessarily the case. For example, running out of oil at night or on a weekend. Many people have alternative heating devices that can be used. This is so they have a backup in case they run into issues running out of oil. However, in today’s minimal service availability, it is dangerous to be an oil customer not aligned with an HVAC provider. That’s one of the great things about The Oil Peddler on Cape Cod. If someone is a consistent buyer of ours, we will service them on an emergency basis.

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Why Choose Oil Peddler for COD Heating Oil Delivery?

If COD oil is right for you, your next step is figuring out the right will-call oil delivery service. Oil Peddler is a top discount heating oil supplier on the Cape. We offer customers throughout the Cape Cod area the most convenient discount heating oil deliveries in the region, with competitive pricing, fast delivery over a wide area, friendly staff, and a degree of transparency and reliability that can’t be matched.

Oil Peddler presents the daily heating oil cost front and center on the home page of its website. So, you can know exactly what you might pay for an order today. The Oil Peddler team delivers quick, reliable oil to clients ranging from Mashpee to Truro on Cape Cod. To learn more about our COD fuel service, the pros and cons of will-call heating oil, or to request a delivery, contact us today at 508-398-0070 or reach out to us online.