Preparing Your Oil Tank for the Summer

With the Cape Cod area warming up, the state of your oil tank is probably the last thing on your mind right now. Don’t fall into this common trap! Preparing your heating oil tank for the warm summer season is just as important as taking care of your oil tank during the winter. The team at The Oil Peddler is here today to tell you why. Continue reading our blog post to learn the best ways to protect your oil tank on Cape Cod, MA:

Why Preparing Your Oil Tank for the Summer is Imperative

Your first thought may go to potential fuel degradation, and this is a common misconception. Your heating oil will be absolutely fine in higher temperatures—it won’t degrade, lose potency, or go down. It’s in a lack of fuel that you have to be concerned.

This is because when a tank is holding more air than it is fuel, the oil tank has plenty of room to develop condensation. This is of particular concern during the summertime months due to the consistent rise and fall of outdoor temperatures during its days and nights. These range of temperatures allows condensation to form in your tank, and the more room there is in the tank, the more condensation will collect. This results in a layer of water sitting on top of your oil, which leads to two major issues:

·         Bacteria and Mold Growth

Standing water and favorably warm temperatures are a recipe for mold and bacteria in your oil tank. These organisms aren’t going to thrive in your tank, but they will die off and begin accumulating as a layer of sludge at the bottom of the tank. This leads to a heavy amount of gunk that can damage the tank, and the oil-fueled appliances it supplies. For example, if any of this sludge makes its way into your heating system, it can damage it.

·         Oil Tank Corrosion

When there’s excessive water on metal that isn’t protected against it, you’re going to get corrosion. The inside of your oil tank isn’t prepared to deal with a lot of excess water, and so letting condensation sit in your tank all season can potentially lead to serious tank damage, and possibly premature oil tank replacement. So, if you would like to avoid oil tank replacement or oil tank repair in the future, make sure you keep your oil tank full in the summer.

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Other Advantages to Filling Your Oil Tank This Summer:

Luckily, these two issues are actually incredibly simple to avoid. To keep condensation to a minimum, simply top off your tank at the start of the summer! Now is the time to schedule a one-time oil delivery, or to contact your go-to will-call oil delivery company on Cape Cod.

This move does more than just prevent the aforementioned issues, too. By getting oil now you gain some other great advantages, including:

  • Being prepared for next season and avoiding the headache of initial scheduling conflicts, which can be common right at the start of winter.
  • Potentially saving money by getting fuel now, when the demand is much lower.
  • Keeping your home at the ready for our unpredictable weather—even as early as August we can get some cold nights, meaning having fuel on hand at all times is key for comfort.

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The Oil Peddler is Cape Cod’s #1 Discount Heating Oil Provider

Ready to top off your heating oil tank in preparation for the summer season? The Oil Peddler is here to provide for our Cape Cod, MA customers! Our team offers discount heating oil through one-time deliveries that offer competitive pricing, easy scheduling, and a dependable supply. Now is the time to take advantage of fast heating oil delivery to protect your oil tank for the summer.

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