Preparing for Your Heating Oil Delivery on Cape Cod

Having heating oil delivered directly to your Cape Cod, Massachusetts home is the ideal way to stay prepared, regardless of events or circumstance. Ordering oil from a reliable heating oil delivery company, such as The Oil Peddler, is a great way to keep your oil tank full for when you need it. But! There are some ways to make your oil delivery go even smoother. If you prepare appropriately, you’ll never even know the delivery team was there at all. You will not interact with the delivery team at all, and will simply get a report when the job is done. Continue reading the blog post from The Oil Peddler to learn how to best prepare your home or property for your next heating oil delivery.

Top 5 Tips for Preparing for Cape Cod Heating Oil Deliveries:

Maintain a Clear Path

A hefty presence of branches, rocks, snow, or even leaves can make getting to your oil fill pipe nearly impossible. At best, this means extra time needed to perform the oil delivery. More commonly, the delivery will have to be put on hold until these things are moved—this can even result in your delivery getting postponed, which is something no one wants. Be sure that driveways, walkways, and the path to the fill area are free of debris.

Keep Gates and Fences Open

Make sure any gates or fences are open, or unlocked, that need to be accessed in order to deliver the heating oil to your Cape Cod home. If a delivery team member encounters a locked gate or door, they are obligated to contact you directly in order to have the door or gate opened. We can’t simply go around or over it, meaning you have to come do it yourself or we might get in trouble.

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Make Certain Your Address is Easy to See

This is an often forgotten step in preparation! In order to deliver your heating oil, the delivery team needs to know exactly what home to stop at. This can be made difficult if the address number of your home is obscured by plants, fallen leaves, or isn’t illuminated during evening hours. Make the address easy to spot, and you’ll never get an interruptive call asking for landmarks, nor will you feel the need to flag the driver down.

Clearly Indicate the In-Use Oil Fill Pipe

In some older homes there may be more than one fill pipe present. Usually the second pipe is no longer in use, and thus sealed off. But sometimes the pipe didn’t get sealed, or isn’t clearly indicated as a no longer used pipe. This can create serious complications and confusion! If your out of use pipe isn’t clearly sealed, tag the in use pipe so that it’s obvious which fill pipe needs to be connected to. Doing so will remove the need for the oil delivery driver to contact you or knock on your door to ask you a question.

Please Be Mindful of Your Pets

We all love our family dogs and cats, but they can complicate a delivery in no time. Even if the pet is well-mannered, it adds another aspect that the driver has to manage, needing to be careful of how they drive, and needing to keep an eye out for a runaway pup looking to get out of the fence or gate. Please keep your pets indoors, or away from the oil delivery area, for their safety and the safety of your oil delivery company!

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