Why More Time At Home Will Lead to Increased Heating Oil Usage

With the cooler weather quickly making its way to Cape Cod, you may soon find yourself thinking about getting your heating system tuned and your oil tank topped off. If so, you’re in good shape! But before you start feeling too secure in your pre-winter preparations, the team at The Oil Peddler wants to talk to you about your heating oil consumption this year—namely, now’s a good time to point out that you should be expecting to use more.

Why Will I Be Using More Oil This Year?

The year 2020 has seen many changes in our lives, but for many of us the most notable of them may be that we’re spending an awful lot of time at home. Working from home is becoming far more normalized, intermittent quarantines and discouraged travel are keeping families home, and closed shops give us less reason to go out in the first place.

For these reasons, you’re likely to:

  • Use your heating system more often
  • Set temperatures on the thermostat at a lower level less frequently
  • Consume more energy with other oil-fed home devices like oil heaters, generators, and more

For all of the reasons we listed above, it’s very important to realize that your daily oil consumption probably won’t be the same as it has been in past years. If you’ve been enjoying the benefits of using an oil tank on your property for years, you’re probably sort of in-sync with when you need heating oil delivery and you’ve likely gotten into a routine.

You are very likely to need more oil than usual this year, and your routine will prove to be insufficient.

Avoid a No-Heat Emergency by Paying Attention to Your Oil Tank Level

Luckily, this adjustment is an easy one to make once you know to watch out for it. The most important thing you can do to avoid a no-heat emergency is to keep a close eye on your oil tank level. Either by reading the provided gauge on the tank itself, or by using your own measurement stick, watch your oil usage closely, especially in these first few weeks.

Because of the situation, we recommend that you:

  • Check your heating oil tank’s oil level every few days, or daily
  • Pay close attention to the weather so that you know when you might be fighting against some brutal weather, which often leads to even more oil use
  • Schedule heating oil delivery when your tank is a quarter (1/4th a tank) full. You want to ensure you’re ordering early enough to avoid running out, and early enough that you can get a delivery scheduled in a reasonable time-frame

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