Why You Need to Fill Up Your Oil Tank Before Summer

So, with the winter over and no longer using heat, the little bit of oil still left in your tank might seem like plenty to keep up with the odd cold day and the demands of heating water—but did you know that leaving your tank empty or close to it for a large part of the year is a bad idea? Today, we’ll talk about why you need to fill your oil tank up before the summer, if you want to be smart about your oil heating systems on Cape Cod, MA. Continue reading this blog post from Oil Peddler to learn the top ways that filling up your oil tank before the summer is critical to your heating equipment and cost savings.

Top Reasons to Fill Up Your Oil Tank Before The Summer Season

The Risk of Corrosion

The most immediate concern for anyone with an oil tank they tend to keep near empty through the warm months should be corrosion. A tank with oil in it is protected, the interior surface guarded by the presence of the oil even if it’s just sitting there indefinitely. Without oil against the interior surface, water and moisture can slowly work their way into your tank and corrode those interior walls of your oil tank—without you realizing it.

Not only is it difficult to remove rust and moisture from the inside of your oil tank once it’s in there, leaving it will rapidly accelerate the degradation of your oil tank and can move up your need to replace it by years or worse.

Clogged Filters

If your oil tank sits empty or close to it for too long, corrosion isn’t the only problem you might end up with. The oil filters that make sure sediment—like rust—doesn’t work its way into the more complex systems of your heating system can end up clogged if they sit and congeal unattended for too long. This can render your heating system inefficient when the time comes to turn it back on, without it being immediately obvious why you’re having problems.

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HVAC Damage

When levels get low, sediment and impurities not only become more common inside of your tank, it becomes increasingly likely that they’ll manage to get past your filter and into your feed line, making their way to your HVAC equipment. If this happens, it can result in little to not apparent result—but it can also result in serious damage and degradation of your equipment, shortening the lifespan of your heating or water heater. This will likely mean that you’ll need to reach out to a local HVAC services company on Cape Cod to help you fix the problem. If that happens, Oil Peddler can help!

Cost Savings

While it’s not actually as important to your bottom line as avoiding needing to replace costly heating equipment, buying oil in the off season is also a good way to minimize expenses. By refilling your oil tanks at the beginning of summer, when no one is really thinking about heating oil, you stand to save over refilling at the last minute right before the cold season rolls in and demand spikes.

Non-Seasonal Systems

If your water heater is fueled with heating oil, then it’s all the more important that you keep your oil tank topped off even in the warm months. You can get through a surprising amount of heating oil just keeping water warm over the summer, and running out means cold showers and difficulty washing dishes—no good at any time of year. Protect yourself against this inconvenience and go ahead with restocking your oil tank at the beginning of summer, before you forget or it becomes a surprise problem in the middle of the year.

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Contact Oil Peddler for Your Summer Heating Oil Fill

As you can see, there are many reasons why savvy heating oil customers go ahead and top up their oil tanks before the summer rolls in. Whether you plan to use oil in the cold months or not, keeping your system full keeps it healthy, and a healthy system will keep its components healthy for years to come without costly repairs or replacement. Oil Peddler performs heating oil deliveries across Cape Cod and Barnstable County, MA. If you would like to refill your fuel oil tank before summer (or during summer), reach out to us today to schedule your preferred date and time of delivery. Give us a call at 508-398-0070 or contact us online today!