When is the Best Month to Buy Heating Oil on the Cape?

In terms of comfort, cost-efficiency, and reliable home heat, keeping a steady supply of heating oil on the premises of your Cape Cod home is one of the best ways to beat the winter chill. But, when should you buy heating oil? Is there a “best” time to order delivery? Keep reading this blog post from the Oil Peddler to learn about the best month to buy heating oil on Cape Cod.

When is the Best Month to Buy Heating Oil Delivery?

The short and sweet answer is this: you should order heating oil as soon as possible, preferably early in the fall. We understand very well that it is extremely easy to simply wait until you’re low on oil before you connect with your local heating oil delivery company on Cape Cod. However, not only is this inefficient, but it also opens you up to potential issues that might lead you to weathering cold nights without your trusty oil furnace or boiler.

If you won’t budge and intend to order only as your tank is running low, we would stress that scheduling will-call or one time heating oil delivery when your tank is 25% full is the best choice. If you order when you have at least 25% left in your oil tank, you will reduce the risk of running out of heating oil before the next delivery arrives. Because, you do not want to run completely out of heating oil in your tank. This can cause serious harm to the oil tank and oil heating system.

Why Getting Heating Oil Delivery Early in the Fall is Important

  • Early Delivery Fits Your Schedule Better

When your heating oil delivery company is handling dozens or hundreds of delivery orders all at once during the winter, you might not be able to schedule for the exact time you would prefer. If you want specific delivery times, it’s much more likely to be possible if you set up your delivery schedule as early as possible. For example, people who order their heating oil in September will generally have an easier time of scheduling a time when they will be home than if they wait until December.

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  • Demand Impacts Cost

The cost of heating oil changes by the day, and the number one thing that impacts this cost is demand. When winter is in full swing, the cost of oil rises because all of your neighbors are looking to order at the same time. This means it’s much more cost-effective to buy heating oil pre-season (September through November) when you can.

  • You Can’t Predict the Weather

While every meteorologist tries, it can be very hard to figure out when winter on Cape Cod, MA will officially begin. This can especially be the case as we transition from the fall to winter season. Each season is different and you never know when exactly the temperatures will drop dramatically. Rather than trying to make predictions, it’s much better to simply have what you need already on hand so you never get surprised or stuck with a situation where you have to rely on an emergency heating oil delivery.

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  • You Can Take Advantage of Great Delivery Deals

Oil prices typically are better in the off-season. This means you can find lower prices in the spring, summer, and early fall. So, fill that oil tank up in the off-season before the rush of the winter for big savings.

  • Pre-Season Oil Delivery Can Prevent Damage

One of your top priorities is to keep unanticipated heating system costs to a minimum, and keeping your tank full goes hand-in-hand with this. When you run out of heating oil, it can do harm to the heating system. When there’s a low amount of heating fuel in your oil tank, it can cause corrosion in the tank over time. This corrosion will give way to rust, which could eat at your tank from the inside out. It can also clog the fuel lines, which can shut your whole heating system down altogether. When the heating oil tank’s full, there’s also less room for condensation to form. This improves the tank’s overall lifespan and saves you from repairs. So, do yourself a favor and keep your oil tank full to save you (and your wallet) from costly repairs in the future.

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