How to Avoid A No-Heat Emergency This Winter

On Cape Cod, below-freezing temperatures aren’t at all rare. They’re not even uncommon! You absolutely need to maintain access to dependable home heating in order to remain comfortable and safe. For the most part, this isn’t too tough a task. However, there are situations when you can be caught unaware, and left in the cold without heating oil with little to no warning.

Looking to avoid any unfortunate no-heat emergencies due to a lack of supply this year? To the team at The Oil Peddler, there’s no better goal! Continue reading this blog post to discover how you can avoid a no-heat emergency this winter:

Securing a Steady Supply of Heating Oil

Job number one for any homeowner that relies on an oil boiler or oil furnace is to secure a steady, dependable supply of heating oil. Always pick a company that offers automatic heating oil delivery (we do!). This service takes the guesswork out of when to call for more heating oil, letting you rest easy knowing that your heating oil needs are met. If the company also provides emergency heating oil delivery, even better. Can’t ever be too careful, and even great plans can sometimes fall short!

How to Keep on Top of Your Heating Oil Supply

Luckily most modern heating oil storage tanks come equipped with a handy oil level gauge. These are usually a float assembly that rests on the oil and sends information to an easily-read meter that will tell you when your supply is getting low.

Get in the habit of checking your heating oil level very often! Daily if you can remember. You never know when you have missed a day, or you’ve got a leak you didn’t know about.

  • Checking your oil tank without a gauge – If your heating oil storage tank is older, or your gauge is broken, all is not lost. Prepare yourself an emergency tool by getting a yardstick or foldable ruler. Mark off the top point when you’ve just had your tank filled for a clear reference, and when you need to check your supply you can simply dip the stick and check.
  • Keeping a close eye on the weather – Pay close attention to any variables that might increase the amount of oil you use, or anything that might disrupt your normal heating oil supply. If wild weather is on the way, it may be a good time to grab extra oil, or to get topped off early.

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Connect with a Reputable Heating Oil Delivery Team

If you find yourself without heating oil and freezing temperatures are knocking on your door, you have an option. Connect with a heating oil company that offers emergency heating oil delivery. Find the company now, so you can reach them without delay when you need them. Put the number of the company in your smartphone, on your fridge, tattoo it on your arm. Keep it available. If you need a number, we happen to have one—(508) 398-0070 for 24-hour emergency heating oil delivery!

Keep Your Oil Heating Equipment Well-Maintained!

Even with a dependable supply, problems can crop up with the equipment itself. It’s always preferred to avoid problems, so be sure to schedule oil heating system tune-ups every year, and ideally before the winter actually starts.

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